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Chris Shaw

Chris Shaw

My name is Chris Shaw, I am an artist based in Somerset.
I have always been interested in art from a very young age but it's only recently that I have rediscovered my love for painting. I spend most of my spare time honing and developing my skills, the most important skill an artist can have is the abillity to bring a painting to life, to make metal look like metal, glass look like glass etc and to know how light behaves.
Painting is making an illusion and my goal is to master that illusion.

My main interests are in aviation and wildlife.
My interest in aviation stems from my dad being in the RAF, ever since I was a child I have always had a passion for aircraft and their history.

I have always had an interest in wildlife and the natural world fascinates me. I try to visit wildlife parks and zoos as often as I can to study animals and I would one day like to go to Africa to see animals in their natural habitat.

As well as aviation and wildlife I have also completed some other paintings for friends and family including topics such as portraits, sports and landscape.


VAT Registration No. 750 2492 46

Martock Gallery

Water Street, Martock. Somerset. TA12 6JN

01935 823254